Seasoned and Experienced Flight Instructors

National Flight Simulator’s team of seasoned and experienced flight instructors include retired airline captains, chief pilots, certified flight instructors with instrument and multi-engine endorsements and instrument ground and advanced ground instructors.

Eric Gancarz Eric is a corporate pilot with 7,000 hours of flight experience.  He holds a CFII for SEL & MEL.  He currently flies the Cessna Citation 750 and 560 XL.  He has experience in the Gulfstream IV, Piaggio P180, PC 12, MU 2B and King Air 200.  Eric has previous experience as Director of Flight Operations and Assistant Director of Flight Operations with responsibility for training development and implementation.

Eric Schoneberger Eric is a former US Navy pilot and retired airline captain with more than 15,000 hours. He holds an ATP, commercial MEL, and SEL instrument ratings. His type ratings include the B767, B757, and DC9 (MD-88). Eric has been a command pilot in the P3C Orion and has flown the King Air and the Cessna 310 while serving on active duty in the US Navy and US Navy Reserves.

Scott Wharem Scott is a 18,350+ hour pilot who graduated from Embry-Riddle and has been involved with various Part 135 operations and Corporate Flight Operations since 1978.  He has extensive time in King Air 90, 200, and 300 series, and with the pressurized Baron 58P and he’s type rated in the Lear 35/36.

Douglas R. Lyons Doug 6100 hour pilot holds an ATP certificate, CFI, ASEL, AMEL, Instrument and Ground instructor ratings.  Following his graduation from UCONN in 1970, he served 8 years in the USAF as a pilot and aircraft commander in the KC-135.  Upon separation from military duty, Doug accepted an engineering position  with Polariod Corp. and pursued his FAA certificates.  He’s served as an independent instructor, a contract instructor for the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing and as n FAR 135 charter pilot and chief pilot for a Norwood based air charter operation.  Doug is proficient in the Piper Cheyenne I, II & IIXL.  Additionally, Doug is type rated in the Citation CE-500, 550 and S550 and served as the Chief Pilot for these FAR 135 Citation operations.

Chris Rozum Chris is a 9,500 hour active pilot/instructor with an ATP, Gold Seal CFI, SEL, MEL, Glider and Rotor-craft.  A former Part 135 Captain/First Officer.  He has extensive time in the MU-2, PA-31, BE58 and LR35/35A and he’s currently he is flying a Cessna 425 as a contract pilot.

Chad AuCoin Chad, a graduate of Daniel Webster College (Business & Airport Management) is a 1500 plus hour ATP  (JAA ATP-L) with a type rating in the CE560 with extensive experience in both the CE560 and the C90B King Air, CFI/CFII-MEI-MEII, with Crew Resource management and Multi-Crew Coordination background..

Eric Nyberg Eric is a 19,000-hour former regional airline pilot with an ATP, ME, and CFI ratings with extensive time in the BE 1900, the BE 300, along with the EMJ 145, SF 340, and the DO 228.  Additionally, Eric is proficient in the PA 31 Navajo/Chieftain as well as other piston twin varieties.

Forrest Nelson Forrest is a retired airline captain with an ATP, Multi- Commercial, CFII SEL/MEL with type ratings in the following aircraft: FA-27, FA 227, DC 9, B-727, B 757 & B 777.  He as acquired over 26,000 of flight experience.  He flies a Cessna 180 and a Piper Pacer recreationally.

Takanori Mitsui Taka, with over 2030 hours, previously served as the Chief Flight Instructor for the USAF Flight Training Center, Yokota Air Base in Japan.  He holds a Commercial certificate with instrument, CFII, MEII, AGI, IGI.  He is type rated SIC in the HS-125.

Mary Rutherford-Baker Mary, a corporate pilot with a Part 135 operation, has more than 1.800 hours, holds an SEL, MEL, Instrument and ATP with an AGI and IGI.  She is type rated in the Cessna CE 550 and has significant time in the Pilatus PC 12, Cheyenne 1A, Citation II and Citation SII.