National Flight Simulator


National Flight Simulator is a state-of-the-art aviation training center for pilots. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire. We provide both initial training and recurrent training. We are the only insurance company approved simulator-based training center in New England. National Flight Simulator utilizes FAA approved FTDs to fulfill insurance mandated annual training in cabin class piston twins, turbo prop twins, high performance single engine and turbo prop single engine aircraft.

We credit our success to the combination of top-of-the-line flight simulator equipment and old-fashioned personal service. Tailored to meet the customized needs of the pilot and the aircraft flown. Our instructors are seasoned aviators, with extensive teaching experience. Since each aircraft is unique, we ensure our instructors have significant hands-on flying time in the particular make and model they teach. We pride ourselves providing a concierge level experience to our clients.


“Several years ago I took a session with you in Nashua, and I remember the helpful kindness that you and your staff provided.
I was new to the Cessna 340 and I found that your training programme not only provided me with the necessary skills to be safe, but also the confidence that I needed to utilize them in actual conditions. I have taken other Sim Training Courses, but none provided the attention you placed on getting it right for the client.”

-Brian Pound  PEI Canada


“I’ve attended all the well-known professional, simulator-based recurrent training programs over the past 20 plus years, covering numerous piston and turbine aircrafts. I just recently completed your Twin Cessna (340 and 421) Recurrent Training.

I must compliment National Flight Simulator on a well-designed syllabus; experienced instructors, as well as a thoughtful and insightful program. The instructors quickly identified and focused on the important tasks to make the most efficient use of my limited time. The overall customer service is some of the best I have experienced. The location is ideal for anyone in Eastern US or Canada; the schedule is flexible, the fee is affordable, and the staff is accommodating. Overall, I must rate it as an excellent experience.”

Stephen McCalmont, CFI, Cessna 340 & 421


“I want to recommend National Flight Simulator as a very efficient and realistic way of polishing IFR and Garmin skills. I just spent several hours in their iGate simulator flying a Baron 55 with a Garmin 530. My instructor, Ronald, was excellent and knew the 530 very well. After 3 hours of realistic approaches, holds, emergencies, and general 530 work, I felt I got a year’s experience, and no high fuel cost. I now plan to do these sessions several times a year.”

Ron Gruner, Baron N77LL


“I will be back next year. The instructors at National Flight Simulator were great. The training for my Cessna 414A was top notch.”

Philip Davidson, Cessna 414A