National Flight Simulator
Accelerated Training Program

This comprehensive Accelerated Training Program is designed for the pilot who is committed to excellence, willing to study, practice and work hard. National Flight Simulator’s Instrument Rating Course provides the qualified pilot client with up to 40 hours of ground instruction, (including 20 hours of flight simulator instruction in a FAA approved Elite iGate AATD flight simulator) and 20 hours of flight instruction in an airplane, your own or a (Piper Cherokee 180).

These (40 hours) are the minimum hours of instruction required by the FAA (see FAR 61.65). The national average for the number of instructional hours for a private pilot to earn an instrument rating is approximately 65 hours.

Our Accelerated Instrument Training Program can reduce those hours and associated costs substantially! (Some pilots may require instrument training in the simulator and or airplane in excess of the 40 hour minimum stated above and they will be assessed an additional hourly fee for the instructor and or simulator time).

Our accelerated instrument rating curriculum is carefully designed to build upon previously learned skills. You will learn all the necessary instrument procedure skills in an easy to master, step by step process, from a well-organized syllabus that is safe, relevant and effective.

Longer programs are available upon request, see At Your Pace below.