National Flight Simulator
Initial Training Program

Initial Training is approved on a case by case basis by each of the insurance carriers.  Our Initial Training Program is generally a 5 day training experience that consists of, 15 hours of a comprehensive and in-depth system’s classroom training. Our 15 hours of simulator training, includes check list utilization, flows, memory items, in-flight system failures and several scenario based training exercises taken from NTSB files and those created by our instructors for your particular airframe to challenge your pilot proficiency and instrument skills. Lastly, we conclude the Initial Training with **5 to 6 hours of “in aircraft training” in the owner supplied aircraft.

If time and distance prohibits the aircraft from being re-positioned to National Flight Simulator, located at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (KMHT), then we will arrange for the instructor to travel to your base of operation to complete the in aircraft sessions as set by the insurance carrier.

Contact National Flight Simulator at 866.505.0077 and ask for the Initial Training syllabus for your particular make/model/type of aircraft and we will e-mail all the required information in return.

**  The amount of “in aircraft instruction” is normally set by the insurance carrier.