National Flight Simulator
Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

This course is designed for pilots who need an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) to regain instrument currency and have gone 12 months or more without fulfilling the required six approaches, intercept, and track of a radial, and demonstrated hold. FAR 61.57(d)(1)(ii)

National Flight Simulator reserves the right to require the IPC Evaluation & Refresher prior to providing the Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) to any candidate. The decision as to whether an IPC candidate will need the IPC Evaluation & Refresher prior to the actual IPC program will be reached mutually by National Flight Simulator instructors and the customer jointly.

Part One: Evaluation and Refresher

  • IPC Refresher would consist of a 1 hour oral examination and 1 hour simulator ride to evaluate what training/proficiency is required. At that point the instructor and student would develop a tailored lesson plan to address the deficient areas.   After the completion they would then be ready for the IPC**.
    • Evaluation & Refresher Program
    • IPC** Additional “training costs” will be predicated upon the amount of time necessary to be ready to fulfill the IPC requirements and set at a rate per hour for the instructor and the simulator.

Part Two:

This five (5) hour IPC course provides up to 3 hours in the FAA Approved, Elite iGate 500/600 Series AATD with a qualified instructor. If the candidate has been away from flying for a year or more, additional time may be required for completion (see IPC Evaluation & Refresher above). Please discuss these issues with the assigned Certified Flight Instructor.

A personalized, customized and tailored IPC syllabus is available to meet the pilot’s individual needs.

WINGS Credit approved – asked for instructions during the training.