Our FAA-approved Elite iGate flight simulators allow you to train in a technically advanced, totally integrated digital flight training system. This means you can experience accurate flight aerodynamics for a number of different aircraft without the expense and time constraints of using an actual aircraft.

iGATE 501/601
The iGATE 501/601 closely mirrors real flight with 120 degrees of view, a fleet of piston and turbo-prop aircraft to choose from, and the ability to alter environments and conditions. A separate instructor’s station with comprehensive failure modes, weather modeling, and print and record capability add to the range of training experiences. The iGATE 501 simulator, a single flying position trainer and the iGATE 601 simulator, a two pilot flying trainer, delivers so much value to the learning experience that the FAA is currently using one for their own training.

iGATE 512 with GNS 530
This new-and-improved flight simulator contains all of the features of the iGATE 501 above, plus the addition of Garmin’s hallmark Comm/Nav, the GNS 530. The GNS 530 GPS unit is added to our new AATDs and integrated into our instrument proficiency programs.

Elite iGATE aircraft presentation include Beech, Cessna, Piper, with piston single fixed & complex, high performance piston singles, piston twins, turboprop twins and representative turboprop single platforms.

FlyThisSim – FTS Touch Trainer
A technically advanced, FAA approved, flight simulator with a costumed engineered flight deck, avionics suites, electrical system and a WAAS GPS software allows us to accurately simulate multiple aircraft with a variety of equipment and the ability to change over in minutes. This unit offers the G1000 and Perspective, the G500/600, the Aspen and the Avidyne Entegra. In addition, WAAS GPS Navigators (430/530) and autopilots including GFC 700, STEC 55X, DFC 90, KFC 200, KAP 150 & Century IIIB. Analog instrumentation is also available with and without GPS navigation.

Aircraft presentation include Beech, Cessna, Cirrus, Piper, with piston single fixed & complex, high performance piston singles, piston twins, turboprop single and a multitude of Cirrus SR 20 and the Cirrus SR 22 platforms.