Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Recurrent Training?
Annual Recurrent Training — frequently required by the insurance carrier — is for those pilots previously qualified for a specific aircraft.

Can a pilot receive FAA WINGS credit for training received at National Flight Simulator?
Yes, our instrument proficiency check (IPC) and recurrent training programs are WINGS-credit approved.

Are there shorter or abbreviated training courses available?
Yes, we offer a variety of one- and two-day refresher or tune-Up courses for those pilots not needing to fulfill Annual Recurrent Training requirements. 

How often should I have an instrument proficiency check (IPC) ?
FAR 61.57 states that an IPC is necessary after 12 calendar months out of instrument currency. Insurers and employers may require more frequent IPCs.

How do I deal with instrument currency lapses?
Our Instrument Currency training course can solve most of these concerns, or we can offer you an IPC to accomplish reestablish your instrument currency.

What are the differences between virtual and real flight?
While flights in our simulator do not have full-motion sensation, they can effectively simulate real flight through a variety of weather programming and system malfunctions to create an extremely realistic learning environment.

How many hours can be earned in a simulator towards my instrument rating?
Our equipment is FAA approved for 20 hours toward an instrument rating.

How do I schedule time?
To make it easy to plan your session, we offer online scheduling. You can also call us at (866) 505-0077 to speak to a representative.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
You should be sure to bring your log book to document your approaches and simulator time.