Seasoned and Experienced Flight Instructors

National Flight Simulator’s team of seasoned and experienced flight instructors include retired airline captains, chief pilots, certified flight instructors with instrument and multi-engine endorsements and instrument ground and advanced ground instructors.

Josh Adams

Aaron Alexander-

Aaron has been an enroute controller for 13 years; first at Kansas City Center, and now at Boston Center, and a 2000+ hour pilot. He has King Air experience from flying Air Ambulance in western Kansas, Fokker F27 time from FedEx feeder, and flew as a bush pilot in Kodiak, AK. He graduated from and served as flight instructor at Kansas State University.

George Brome

James Carlson

Robert Dimeo

Mike Dorow

Glenn Michael- 

University of New Hampshire, B.S. Business, 1969

US Air Force, 6 years active duty; flew C-141 and F-4 aircraft

US Air Force Reserves, 24 years; flew C-141, F-100, and F-4 aircraft

FAA Indianapolis Center, Air Traffic Controller

FAA Eastern Regional Office JFK, New York, Air Traffic Evaluator

FAA Boston Center; Air Traffic Supervisor, Operations Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Assistant Air Traffic Manager, Air Traffic Manager

FAA New England Regional Office, Regional Quality Assurance Manager

FAA New England Regional Office, Assistant Air Traffic Division Manager

FAA New England Regional Office, Regional Executive Manager

Additional duties:

FAA Advanced Navigation Flight Test Pilot; Involved in the development of MLS, LORAN and GPS approach procedures

FAA Safety Representative to the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST); Managed the implementation of CAST Safety Enhancements worldwide

FAA Airline Transport Pilot; Certified Flight Instructor, Airplanes, Single and Multiengine, and Instruments;

Certified Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor, Certified Flight Navigator; Gold Seal Flight Instructor since 1976.

Larry Owsowitz

Larry started flying in high school and soloed on his 16th birthday in 1973. He continued in general aviation through college and throughout his career. After Air Force pilot training in 1982 he was assigned to the F-16 with tours in Germany and Japan. In 1988 he transitioned to the Vermont Air National Guard flying F-16s. In 1991 he was hired by American Airlines but maintained his service with the VtANG until 2000 when he retired from the military with over 2,500 hours in the F-16.  While at AAL he was qualified as a Flight Engineer in the Boeing 727 and type rated in DC-9 (Douglas Super 80), Boeing 737, 757 and 767. He has more than 16,000 hours.

Ed Robbins

Eric Schoneberger –

Eric is a former US Navy pilot and retired airline captain with more than 15,000 hours. He holds an ATP, commercial MEL, and SEL instrument ratings. His type ratings include the B767, B757, and DC9 (MD-88). Eric has been a command pilot in the P3C Orion and has flown the King Air and the Cessna 310 while serving on active duty in the US Navy and US Navy Reserves.

Dan St. Cyr

Allen Stokley

Hobart Tomlinson

Cliff Magnor