Stop Dreaming And Start Flying

Be part of the Rusty Pilot program to start flying again

Get Back In The Left Seat

Take To The Sky

Let your passion take flight again! We make it easy for you to get back in the pilot’s seat. By implementing our simulators, airplanes, and highly experienced instructors, you can be back in the sky quicker than you think.

We will help you understand what’s changed in aviation since you last took the controls and brush up on your aviation knowledge.

The Rusty Pilots program is developed by AOPA in partnership with local flight training providers in order to create the best environment for getting you back in the air and a part of the general aviation community.

What You Will Do

  • Flight planning and preflight
  • Airspace and sectional charts
  • Flight and airport requirements
  • Technology in the cockpit
  • Operating in special airspace
  • No FAA check ride or test
  • Might not even need a medical (Basic Med)
  • Get hours of ground instruction towards your flight review
  • Get back in the sky!