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Recurrent Training

Best day flying I remember with Glenn (instructor). Fabulous training and such amazing confidence boosting.  Bravo.  Glenn was super thoughtful to drive me back and forth to Concord. Legendary instructor.
– Dr. Bob Arnot, Cheyenne I

Several years ago I took a session with you in Nashua, and I remember the helpful kindness that you and your staff provided.
I was new to the Cessna 340 and I found that your training programme not only provided me with the necessary skills to be safe, but also the confidence that I needed to utilize them in actual conditions. I have taken other Sim Training Courses, but none provided the attention you placed on getting it right for the client.

-Brian Pound  PEI Canada

I wish to compliment you and your staff on the level of training I recently received at your facility. I attended Cessna 340 recurrent training at your facility. After seven consecutive years at another facility, I decided it was time to try something different, even thought I was not unhappy with my past experiences.

My instructor went to great lengths to ensure we were focused on areas that I felt needed practice, while looking for bad habits I may have picked up over the years. He was very good at explaining the other ways to do things and helping me decide the best way for me in the kind of missions I fly. And I found your simulator to be easier to fly than most any I have experienced.”
-Douglas E. Mill

I will be back next year. The instructors at Nashua Flight Simulator were great. The training for my Cessna 414A was top notch.”
-Philip Davidson, Cessna 414A

I’ve attended all the well-known professional, simulator-based recurrent training programs over the past 20+ years, covering numerous piston and turbine aircraft. I just recently completed your Twin Cessna (340 and 421) Recurrent Training. I must compliment National Flight Simulator on a well-designed syllabus; experienced instructors, as well as a thoughtful and insightful program. The instructors quickly identified and focused on the important tasks to make the most efficient use of my limited time. The overall customer service is some of the best I have experienced. The location is ideal for anyone in the Eastern US or Canada; the schedule is flexible, the fee is affordable and the staff is accommodating. Overall, I must rate it as an excellent experience.”
-Stephen McCalmont, CFI, Cessna 340 and 421

I want to recommend Nashua Flight Simulator as a very efficient and realistic way of polishing IFR and Garmin skills. I just spent several hours in their iGate simulator flying a Baron 55 with a Garmin 530. My instructor, Roland, was excellent and knew the 530 very well. After three hours of realistic approaches, holds, emergencies, and general 530 work, I felt I got a year’s experience, and no high fuel cost. I now plan to do these sessions several times a year.”
-Ron Gruner, Baron N77LL

I would highly recommend your facility to anyone that is in the market for insurance and instrument proficiency recurrent training! It is a most comprehensive package for the money with respect to other competing facilities. It is an extremely convenient location versus traveling to Florida, Illinois, or Arizona (air fare, hotels, meals, etc).”
-Curt Hoffman, Quarter Moon Corp., Baron 58P – N243CP

I would like to thank you for my recent training experience at Nashua Flight Simulator. I said training experience purposely because the service I received cannot be described as just training. It was clear right from the start that everyone at NFS is intent on building long-term customer relationships. Many other “training” facilities send their customers through the express lane which is low on quality and high on price and speed. Not at NFS. Bill took great care to make sure I received the training I needed to be ready to climb back in the cockpit professionally. He clearly demonstrated that he loves to teach and was very skilled at using the “keep it simple” method of teaching that some instructors wish they had.”
-A.J. Catone, Albany, NY, King Air

Nashua Flight Simulator has a great recurrent ground and flight King Air program at an unbeatable price.
-Carl M. Ziegler, Raleigh, NC King Air C90

Excellent King Air 90 recurrent training at Nashua Flight Simulator. Great instructors, solid program, and outstanding equipment.”
-D. S. King Air C90, 240K

Airline Interview Preparation

The human resource and technical interviews went pretty good. Yes indeed, your help was fantastic and using the sim helped me build up some more confidence!!!”
-Jason Hersch, Alpha Flying

I sincerely enjoyed our time together. I am a big fan of your simulator and the training it provides. I doubt if I could have been as prepared without the simulator, many thanks.”
-Ray Torres – Fractional Program

I am a flight instructor in Massachusetts, recently hired as a First Officer flying a turboprop. Before my interview, I scheduled a simulator session at Nashua Flight Simulator. My instrument skills were rusty and I had never logged time in a simulator.

Steve spent a long time with me, not only in the simulator, but also helping me sharpen my skills and knowledge in preparation for the technical part of the interview. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and very patient. I definitely feel that my time at Nashua Flight Simulator was time and money well spent.”
-Peggy Loeffler, Fractional Program

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help in the sim and the prep work for my interview. The interview went well and the sim ride was actually very good. They offered me a job yesterday which I have accepted. Thank you so very much. I believe that if it were not for my sessions with you that I would have had a hard time on the sim evaluation. Thanks again and you will see me again to do more sim flights. I can’t wait to try out that new King Air. Thanks again”.
Gena Adams, King Air, Net Jets

Proficiency Training

When I was preparing for my ATP check ride, I needed to re-shine and evaluate my skills for instrument approaches and overall procedures. I conveniently came across Nashua Flight Simulator adjacent to the reputable flight club, and received instructions in their state-of-the-art simulator. I was very impressed with the simulator because of its outstanding quality and mechanism. The instructors were very friendly, knowledgeable, and they provided me with the valuable and perhaps the most important ‘hints’ in order to pass my flight check. I wasted no time during the session going into right where I needed to improve. A few days later, I found myself holding a “Temporary Airmen Certificate” to prove that Nashua Flight Simulator has done the right job for me. More than half of my confidence level was provided by Mr. Cunningham and the instructors. I recommend Nashua Flight Simulator to all pilots who plan to do their training in the New England area.”
-Leo Nagafuchi, Tokyo, Japan

Nashua Flight Simulator provides state-of-the-art technology for both currency and proficiency training. With their excellent instructor staff, the pilot is offered a valuable experience that cannot be duplicated in the air. My cost-effective training is focused on all aspects of IMC flight including partial panel and variable weather. Quarterly recurrency training at Nashua Flight Simulator maintains my proficiency and confidence. I recommend it to all pilots who want to keep their skills sharp.”
-Mark Rogge, Ph.D., A36 Bonanza

As a pilot for 25 years and CFII for 22 years, I understand the importance of regular re-currency training. Yes, CFIs need it too! I strongly encourage both VFR and IFR pilots to participate in ongoing training and not ‘just’ a Flight Review or IPC. NFS offers flight credits toward a portion of the FAA Wings Program. I have had the pleasure of flying both your IGate 501 and 512. The type of emergency training NFS can offer just can’t be duplicated in an airplane. NFS is professional, convenient, efficient and cost effective”.
-John F. Anderson, CFII, Eastern Region FAASTeam Representative of the year2007

I want to convey to you my enthusiasm for the pilot training service you are providing with Nashua Flight Simulator. The professionalism with which you have conducted each session has proved very productive and instructional for me. Without question, my proficiency in the cockpit and subsequently my confidence to engage in the IFR system has improved. Flying is expensive, but we as responsible pilots must not avoid training do to cost. NSF provides a cost effective means of staying current and proficient and for that I thank you.”
-Gerry Youngman, Piper Arrow

Just a quick note to thank you for exposing me to the realism of the Elite 501 flight simulator as a tool for regaining my instrument proficiency, and for the IPC instruction and sign off. Now I expect to continue to use the sim as my ‘backup’ airplane for retaining instrument currency on a regular basis. It is more convenient for my schedule, makes more efficient use of my time, costs less to operate, is not weather dependent, and I believe it will continue to improve my IFR skills!”
-Atty. Vern Maine

I have recently taken your 6 in 6 IFR Instrument Currency Program and am most happy with the course. The instructor was outstanding as was the equipment. I find that this approach to maintaining instrument currency is not only great from the resultant time saving but it also is a superior learning tool, and has resulted in a significant financial saving for me. Thank you for bringing this tool to the New England area”.
Harry Rubinstein, Chelmsford, MA

Primary/Accelerated Instrument Rating Program

My flight training at a nearby college was beyond my financial means. I learned of Nashua Flight Simulator from a friend and came by for a free demo. One quick ride in the sim sold me on its value. The instruction was great. Hard, but complete. I used up my 20 hours in the sim quickly and I transferred those lessons learned to the airplane easily. I was really ready to take my IFR check ride. Thanks to Nashua Flight Simulator, I passed it with flying colors. I’ll be back soon to work on advanced ratings.”
-Tom Albro

Transitioning via the simulator was the perfect choice. In a safe and casual environment the instructor, Forrest, was able to take me through the basics allowing the development of skills necessary without even leaving the ground. Not needing to worry about the weather, other traffic, etc., the simulator let me totally focus on learning the skills necessary in a reduced stress environment. When I made the decision to pursue an instrument rating, I evaluated all the options such as a traditional flight school, an accelerated/compressed option, a combination of the two, etc. Given the constraints on my timing and concern about my VFR experience, the approach taken at Nashua Flight Simulator aligned perfectly. In our initial discussion you clearly outlined the training process, the added value of using the simulator and a willingness to be flexible with regards to my needs. In the end, they were all right on target. Thank you for providing such a safe and efficient means in which to learn aviation skills, I’m sure I’ll be utilizing them in the future for ongoing training and maintain my currency. It still hasn’t sunk in after all these years I can now fly through the clouds to get on top!”
-John Douglas

I came to Nashua Flight Simulator to learn the fundamentals of instrument flying and to be prepared for my instrument check ride. As a college student studying Air Traffic Management at a nearby college, my time and money was very limited. I got much more than expected! Nashua Flight Simulator’s accelerated learning program was the answer. The instruction is outstanding, professional, complete and demanding. No shortcuts or sliding by here. You are taught to meet and exceed the PTS requirements, every time, all the time! Because these flight simulators, although very realistic, are classrooms for learning. Hard to master procedures become very manageable with this state of the art equipment and excellent instruction. I unconditionally recommend Nashua Flight Simulator to any pilot looking to earn their instrument rating. I was well prepared, ready, and confident to take and pass the instrument check ride, and I did! Now I’m back building time for my commercial.”
-Dave Chestley

Steve, thank you for a very positive, professional IFR training experience using the flight simulators at your facility. The benefits for me were tremendous. The ability to stop and start the simulator, and to perform multiple approaches and instrument procedures in a short period of time, was far more efficient and cost effective than training in an airplane. Shortly after obtaining my instrument rating, I moved from the east coast to Alaska. I felt very comfortable flying in a new area having already flown the local approaches in the simulator. Thanks again for all the instrument instruction and a great experience!”
-Steve Florio

Find out for yourself why National Flight Simulator is the Northeast’s premier recurrent & flight training center by scheduling your training today.