Recurrent Training – Turbo Prop Singles & Twins

Each of our Recurrent Training Programs for turboprop twins and turboprop singles involves up to 10 hours of simulator training incorporating a thorough experience in the normal, abnormal, and emergency flight condition profiles, including every conceivable weather circumstance and a variety of system failures.

This simulator training is coupled with another 10 hours of classroom ground training to include but, not limited to: aircraft performance, weight & balance, ATC & emergencies, aircraft systems, weather, and FAR/AIM regulations. Additional review of relevant NTSB reports, air space, enroute charts, IAPs, SIDS, STARS, ODPs, etc. will be covered as needed.

Once you’ve demonstrated proficiency to the relevant Practical Test Standards (PTS), you’ll receive logbook endorsement and a Certificate of Proficiency. Flight Reviews (61.56) and IPC (61.57)(d) can be added on to the Recurrent Training by request.

WINGS Credit approved – ask for instructions during the training.

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